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Swimming is the process in which a person or a living organism floats in water. This section has famous poetry on swimming.

Swimming poems, rhymes, verse, poetry and short stories

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Your mind's ocean Poem
Swimming away
swimming away
swimming away yeah
swimming through the d
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I am going for
Swimm in God's
Swimming pool
And at the same time
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Swimming Poem
Swimming through the darkness
Swimming through my doubts
Through my fears
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Life is this Poem
Swimming is
Not excise...
Swimming is
Not hobby...

Swimming is<
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Thoughts Of A Goldfish Poem
I am a goldfish; I am swimming around this bowl. It is getting dizzy.

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Time Is Dead, Killed In Meetings 6.3.2008 Poem
I am swimming, swimming, swimming, just keep
swimming, swimming, swimming,
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Swimming Poem
Swimming is fun
you can swim in the sun
Yes swimming is fun.

You c
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Summer's Coming Poem
In my head I hear a humming,
Summer, summer summer's coming,
Soon we're
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swimming Poem
swimming, swimming, swimming
in the middle of the sea
certainly not winni
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Ocean Haiku Poem
I'm swimming but can't.
I'm swimming but sinking.
I'm swimming but can't.
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Ocean Flow Poem
Wave, and wave, and wave and current,
The sea keeps going and turning and c
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melancholy Poem
The sight yesterday of classmate Allan
Being taken swimming by his old manContinue Reading..

Does a Fish go Pee? Poem
Does a fish go pee
when it's swimming in the sea?
Does it ever get the n
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The Salmon Are Swimming Upriver Poem
The salmon are swimming upriver in the cold gray damp of the dawn
To the gra
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On The Retirement Of Ian Thorpe Poem
I heard on the radio in the sports news today
That Ian Thorpe the great swim
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Pool Of Blood Poem
I was swimming.
Swimming in a pool of blood,
That wasn?t my own.

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Seaking (My First Poem :) Poem
Epic, strong
Swimming, attacking, winning
Death in the sea by
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The swimming Poem



sea sands

with waves...
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Such Boredom (A Haiku) Poem
such boredom ?
a gold-fish swimming
measuring the aquarium
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Today it is
And I saw
The mermaid
Swimming on
Lake Ontari
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life is like fish
it just keeps on swimming
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Haiku 'silver swans by sea' Poem
Silver swans by sea
Swimming on billows so free
For a song I plea
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The horse is in the water
Swimming right now
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Riming haiku #161 (From, This is my Wasteland) Poem
Dream weavers swimming,
along lives bedrock rimming
- to-and-fro skimmin
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That's Life Haiku Poem
Koi swimming circles

in black and white shades of gray

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For moon Poem
Moon are

Clouds shado
clous the
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Between you and sports Poem
Skating is the lost dream
that I once had
the one that was never with you
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Swimmingly Poem
Swimming is feeling grace in water,
smoothly slipping thru light blue fluid
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Ocean of love Poem
Locked in warm embrace
Two bodies knitted together
Hands touching
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PENguin and Poet Poem
What is in common
a Penguin and a Poet?
You may guess
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The Black Swan Poem
I am the Black Swan swimming in your river,
I am the Black Swan swimming al
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wicky wacky poem Poem
this wicky wacky poem'comes with a flucky ducky song.swimming with a ducky puk Continue Reading..

I'm Running Down A Sunshine River Poem
I?m running down a sunshine river
I?m swimming down a sunshine street
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halku - 85 Poem
on the swimming pool
slip unnecessary.

girl, is taking cloth
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Lost you: Poem
Disaster strikes me
Swimming upstream
Pulled and torn
Laying about in
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'Heaven ? Crocodile Haven Poem
Diving into the swimming pool
feeling as if
the back of my head
is c
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Many an animal might wish

That it could be a flying fish

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haiku - 337 Poem
colour swimming caps.

swimming pool
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Gentle Creature Poem
Gentle creature of the seas swimming happy, swimming free
dives into the sea
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Dawn Poem
fish the cormorants haven't caught
swimming in the shallows.
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summer Poem
summer, fall
swimming, cooking, bakeing,
in the summer time i am going
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Summer time Poem
Summer time
By: Shannon Olson

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Camping (diamonte) Poem
Relaxing, beautiful
Roasting, swimming, fishing
Grill, fish, hammock, boa
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Changing Seasons-A Diamante Poem
White, chilly,
Skiing, sledding, shivering,
Snowboard, hot co
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Dolphins Poem
Aerodynamic angels
Of the ocean,
Whose graceful motion
Entrances and
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Seashells Poem
Six seashells saw some seaweed standing slightly sideways
So, suddenly swift
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empty life empty lie Poem
the sun shines down on a empty lake
swimming deeper a drowning brake
no m
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A cold coke is wonderful on a hot day
French fries go so well with a hamburg
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against the mainstream Poem
what is see
is this salmon
against the
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slow suicide Poem
swimming against the tide
running when theres nowhere to hide
along for a
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haiku - 239 Poem
view of the pond
ducks are on water.

all are swimming one by o
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Mossies And Other Wriggly Creatures Poem
You need a bucket
to catch rain
though it's so pailfully slow
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Disappear Poem
Give me a deep swimming pool
As vast as the ocean
Locked away in a privat
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Machines Poem
Precise, powerful
Screeching, moving, turning
Gears, oil, blo
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haiku - 479 Poem
country picture
on the pond, ducks. now,

are sw
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Some Snakes Are Swimming in Drain Poem
Some snakes are swimming in drain
And some fishes too
Right after the mon
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Amirah Poem
Always nice
My favorite subject is English
I love swimming
Riding bicy
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Existence Poem
Swimming with the surge of the tide
Standing on the curve of the earth
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It is nice to see
The ducks swimming on lake Ontario
The sun is always ho
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Old Song Now As New Poem
Old Song Now As New

The tyrant too sings swing -
Tyrant is too lovin
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Swimming Poem
water is my excape
from my problems,
from my responsbilities,
from m
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Typical Summer Day Poem
Today was just great
Swimming with friends
This lake is the perfect place
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Summer Time Poem
Bring on the summer time,
those hot but fun days.
Where we party all nig
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Glitter / Fated Poem
The day I met you was the beginning of my life
It was a sensation of liberat
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Futuristic Swimming Poem
Futuristic swimming,
like fish evolved in air,
like birds that haunt th
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Oceans Of Pain. Poem
Oceans Of Pain! ! !

Swimming across the first ocean, i met my friend-t
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A Shropshire Lad Poem
The gas was on in the Institute,
The flare was up in the gym,
A man was r
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I Am (Mermaid) Poem
I am a magical mermaid swimming in the tropical sea.
I wonder what new adven
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I dream of hunchbacked Tiflis Poem
I dream of hunchbacked Tiflis,
Where a Sazandar's groan resounds
The peop
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