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Welcome to Sun poems and verse section. Our aim is to provide quality poems, rhymes, verse, short stories and poetry work of qualiy authors across the world on the topic Sun.

Sun is the star that is the source of light and heat for the planets in the solar system. This section has famous verse and poetry on sunshine, sunlight.

Sun poems, rhymes, verse, poetry and short stories

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Sun Poem
Bright shining sun,
Lighting the world,
The world revolving around you,
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dr. ambedkar- sun that never sets Poem
i see a sun that never sets,
that enlighten inner quest,
by transcendin
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Reflections Poem
The white sun fell while the Sun was down.
When the Sun rose the white sun s
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The Sun Rays (A Lyric) Poem
The sun rays in your eye,
The love you?re giving that I have found;
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The Sun and the Moon Poem
By: Poet Keri
September 29,2008
Age 11

The Sun and the Moon shine
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The Sun Poem
The sun is yellow
The sun is orange
The sun is bright
The sun is our h
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feel the sun Poem
when you look at the sun and you
feel it and you wish that you
can touc
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When the Sun Goes Down Poem
When the sun goes down,
The sun is jealous of the moon
When the sun goes
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fighting for night Poem
Sitting and watching the sun rise
knowing time is near
time to laugh
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Axis Poem
Through the conduits of blood
my body in your body
spring of night
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Clouds of the day Poem
Tears from the sun
only felt by the
one you

Tears from
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ecclesiastes in 4 short stanzas Poem
O the poor men, they had no blankets
And it was meaningless under the sunContinue Reading..

Sky's Beauty Poem
sways and swaggers
frolic and howl
Human eye
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The Sun will always shine
In our world
The sun will always shine
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I am being fooled by the sunlight
Fron the sun
That is what the sun is do
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The ice will melt today
Because the sun is shining
And that is what the s
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She is chasing after
The Sun
All over the town today
Because she does
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Melted Wings Poem
I flew too close to the sun's reaching, beckoning rays
I flew too close to t
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When Sun kissed the Sea Poem
Look at the dusking Sun kissing Sea, so divine
Oh blushing Sea, turning into
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The Sun Poem
The crimson sun lowering behind the water
A globe descending beneath the wat
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Sun and Me Poem
The sun seeking my shadow
My shadow hides behind me
And when i look at m
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Correct? Poem
If the moon and the sun waged a war,
Who would win? The moon, I'm sure.
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Walk Casually Into The Sun Poem
As I walk along my chosen path I know there is work to be done.
As I walk ca
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Arctic Song Poem
The days get older
The shadows colder
The seasons pause in vain
And in
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The sun in clouds,
Dim, dull and subdued outside,
Has ever lost his fie
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When The Sun Goes Down Poem
When life's glad day is gone,
And the sun goes down
When we muse all alon
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Morning Sun Poem
Scarlet sunset reflected in the silent stream,
Dazed emerald forest still,
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Sun Poem
The blazing orange sun,
Works to relax my muscles
I lay and enjoy it's h
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Summer All The Time Poem
The sky is as blue as a sapphire
Graceful birds keep flying higher
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No SleepTill It Really Rises Poem
during night,
nothing shines,
like the crazy sun,
sparkling over th
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Moon Go Sleeps Poem
Its time to rise,
get up in time,
to see the Moon go sleeps,
the cl
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Waiting For The Sun Poem
I sit and wait for the sun to come
For the fog to clear
For I wish to lea
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You are naughty Poem
You are naughty
Sees us bare
Does not wait outside
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The sun is my friend.... Poem
The sun.....
The sun is my friend also warm....
Heating the earth and me
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Lost love Poem
Once I could laugh with anyone
Because, you see, I had a Sun
Her beauteuo
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Sunshine on a Cloudy Day Poem
Let me be the sun that graces your cloudy days
Let me be the sun that illumi
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Sun Poem
Sun is the main source of energy on earth
Which is absolutely free and has n
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Sunburst Poem
Seducing the wet grasses of the garden
and caressing the very darkness
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Will sunflower find it's lover Poem
What a wonderful sunflower is
sunflower has attractive colour
It is very
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Sun Poem
On the crack of dawn, the sun knocks the door,
All humans must never snore.
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Es tu coraz?ue / It is your heart that
ya no puede resistir / can no longer
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Modern Love XXXIV (sun and moon in love) Poem
enamored moon rides a saddle of tears
wearing a belt of silver pistols
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Soul Light Which Left The Body Poem
The sun's
disappear from
the river
but the sun
remains f
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Sun Poems Poem
Sun Poems

in the absence
of your rays
dear Sun
the fearful
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Just Beyond The Setting Sun Poem
Just beyond the setting sun
lies a land where green leaves grow.
Just b
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The Sun, The Wind Poem
Each poem is perfect,
Yet each is imperfect.
For poetry is like the wind
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Ode to Distraction Poem
Those that extort, distract
Our paths become dis
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Love unconditional (c) 7-17-2010 Poem
Why does the sun look to the Earth and wish to grant it warmth?
What does t
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Mercury Poem
I want to be Mercury
To be close to the Sun
To feel the Sun's warmth
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Travel Taiwan Haiku - Sun Moon Lake Poem
Sun Moon Lake
gently, gracefully in the breeze
a chinese painting lesson
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Good Luck (but maybe I'm close enough) Poem
What?s that you said, what you said, what you said
What?s that you said, wha
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Sun Light, Sun Bright Poem
Sun Light, Sun Bright
Wishes...O Wish!
Fog speaks quiet
Parting, dew
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The Beauty of Sunrise Poem
The sun creeps through the crack in the window
It appears broken and disheve
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When Optimism Fails To Serve Me Well Poem
The minute it seems
The sun is shining
The second
I think the clouds
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*******son of hidden sun (lyric) ******* Poem
son of hidden sun
lead them with invocation
isn't with flying lizard
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The sun Poem
The sun is there to
give us light

The sun is there to
heat us up<
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When sun peeps thru heaps of clouds
Lotuses blossoms with ray beams
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* Good Morning From Sun Poem
Good Morning From Sun

The Sun, bring me, - Good Morning,
And yo
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Twilight Poem
Day ends?night is breakin in
Sun loses its power?it?s sinkin in
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God blessed man with a gun Poem
God blessed man with a gun
with a bullet and a yellow sun
and all seemed
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((((((Sunrise In Life))))))) Poem
As the sun rises in the east
rays glitter with light of hope
sun's beam d
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Open Arms Poem
The sun open his eyes in the
As the sun looked down on
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Sun and Moon Poem
Sun is always said as light
Shines the world with its ray
It is light Continue Reading..

Images Of The Sun Poem
Sun shines
waves caress
sand's so hot
winter must confess

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The Sun Poem

The sun shines bright,
Like a lamp
That can light the
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The lotus eye Poem
A lotus is born in muddy water

You cannot grow lotus anywhere else
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oO-Morning Sun-Oo Poem
The night's calm darkness,
Is washed away with the morning light,
The l
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The sun wants to fade away
And even though it is hard for me to accept itContinue Reading..

From in the womb Poem
From in the womb of dim and vague lights
to the blinding action of sun-fille
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