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Lust is a strong sexual desire. This section has poems and verse for lecherousness, lust, lustfulness, luxuria.

Lust poems, rhymes, verse, poetry and short stories

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Witch Poem
Eyes, rivulets of red that run beneath a canopy
Of green-tinged lashes ?
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Bottom Man Poem
A juicy peach, a pair of thighs,
Packed inside her tautened jeans:
A cr
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Search Party Poem
You touched my tongue,
With yours ? blending buds,
Kindling minds, raci
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Lust... Poem
Lust destroyed my love
Lust pushed away my one
Lust made me weak
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Curse of Lust Poem
O Lust! you?re burning holes in our affair.
We lost our brazen face without
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Today i realised
lust is not lust
i must not be fussed with lust
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Love or lust.? Poem

i did everything i could
to take away ur frown
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Love and Lust Poem
Love is something devine
falls from the heaven to earth
It expects nothin
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Take It Easy! ! ! ! Poem
Love and lust,
What you?ll vote?
I vote for love,
Lust I got.
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The glory of lust Poem
?Lust, Lust. It?s worst?
Many burst.
Lust is not a ghost,
Nor a devil
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The Lust We Fought For Poem
The lust we fought for in now just a pile of ash.
The lust we fought
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And I Lust Poem
And I lust
lust for feeling
As I watch it crumble to dust
And stand in
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'Lust' Poem
Don't Let Lust Get You
It Will Betray, The One You Love
The One You Love
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Lust Poem
Lust is what I speak tonight,
Lust is what I see tonight,
Lust is what
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Possession of Desire Poem
i am in so much blood filled
state of lust, robust lust
taking over meContinue Reading..

Love or Lust? Poem
What is love?
Is it what you an I have,
Or is it what you and
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Lust Poem
The heavens may forget
that lovers sit on idle haunches
waiting for the s
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Love thickens to lust Poem
To say that love is breeze and lust, tempest
Or that love is spring and lust
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Blood Lust Poem
for cem


a torment of roses
a crush of Beauties
a floral v
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In stone I sunder, the lust we garner,
we keep, we garner, above the sun we
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Lust, the root of youngness Poem
Women portrayed
In romantic classics,
Heroines decked out
In cellulo
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Love or Lust? Poem
Love or lust? Choose which one.
You say you love me, how do you know the me
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Infusion Poem
Lost. Lost. Lost in confusion
Lust lust the glove of illusion
Save a soul
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Love or Lust Poem
Is it love
Or is it lust
How can you tell

Do you love them
O ju
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Whoa Whoa Whoa Hush That Rush Poem
Traveling with negative activities...
Hear them cuss a lot!
Yes, they cu
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Lust is my Disease Poem
(Verse I)
I can taste your lips
At my finger tips
Though you?re still
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Lust We Make Poem
With-in my mind
I make the scenario,
this dance of devious temptation.<
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Sonnet: Lust Poem
The world knows it and yet falls in this swamp,
Though knowing well one can
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Blood Lust Poem
So we've fulfilled our dreams at last
Everytime we've cried and laughed
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Lust... Poem
Lately, so many things have happened to me
It?s all because of lust
I wa
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Lust in steps felt. Poem
Lust is felt when a woman is in thought.
It gives you kicks. You feel such k
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Lost To Lust Poem
Thoughts of you, how my temperature rises
Your body next to mine so divineContinue Reading..

Love VS. Lust (freestyle) Poem
Lovers Love
Lusters Lust
Never leave you love for your lust
Cause you
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My Lust. Poem
My lust for you is like a fire
All it does is burn
It burns everything in
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lusting Poem
i lust for you,
at night,
i can smell you,
from far or near,
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Either way one is restless Poem
Power of hunger in some is so deep
that it is insatiate with rich food.
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Love or Lust Poem
Preoccupied with sexual notions
Centered on one major outlet
Including in
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human or not (vampire) Poem
My heart is hollow
Like the beat of a drum
My skin is pale
Like the
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Here where I built my name
My success my failure my pain

In an island
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Rondeau for a Young Irish Girl Poem
I?m burned by lust dark Badb of verdant Eire.
Malteaser-eyed, pitch-hair
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love, hate Poem
why can't love be in reality,
why is it only in fairy tales,
you feel l
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Lust is only flame Poem
Lust is a must to start with.
Trust is a must to last with.
Then sustains
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Love Is Taste Than Lust Poem
Love is taste than lust,
I think love,
Heart is saying it all,
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Love Without Lust Poem
Like the power of love
Lust goes on in the shadows
In the spirit of obses
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On remembrance of love Poem
?Love first learned in a lady?s eyes?
Lies not idle but will fuel
The dor
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Flower is only leaves. Poem
Flowers, you are leaves,
A modification in evolution.
Love, you are lust
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Love Not The World (Bible) Poem
Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love tContinue Reading..

my broken heart Poem
lust is lust and love is love
until you riped my heart out with a glove
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A dead world Poem
as thy light turned to darkness
As thy world to black from blue
As thy ey
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Adam?s Love and Lust Poem
Adam?s love and lust
He may be too far from us but
reaction of his
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i like to see love dance before me Poem
i am boredom

i sit on a chair watching a show
it is love
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Love Is Lust, Lust is Love? Poem
?To Those Who Don't Know the Difference?

Interpretation that's the name,
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Here where I built my name
My success my failure my pain

In an island
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Temple of Serpents Poem
Love is a divine glow,
It transforms you from
Torn cloth to a wick;
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Prayer Against The Spirit Of Lust Poem
? Man is a slave to lust. I am the most high child of the Most High
God. I w
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Hot Poem
Make love to me
don't let nothing out
bring your desires your passion
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Lost In A World Of Lust Poem
What's love got to do with it when you're lost in a world of lust? where sex iContinue Reading..

Erfahrung Poem
Ich kann so gut verstehen die ungetreuen Frauen,
So gut, mir ist, als k?' i
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lust for knowing Poem
The lust for knowing what should not be known
is like the lust for loving wh
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Their Great Lust For Life Poem
In life for many every day there's some battle to fight
And many must go to
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To be desire-less is pleasure-less Poem
Dream is born of desire;
By dream multiplies desire.

Desire is born
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Storyville Poem
As the night gets low the lights are turning red
Somebody?s gonna take a str
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Love Or Just Lust Poem
Is it what draws us close
Is it what tears us apart
Is it really there <
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I Am A Violent Man Poem
Oh, we scratch
I bite, you claw
The most arresting violence I have ever k
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A Scattered Man Poem
Might be their beauty
Mesmerizing all sober of yours
Insolence of heartContinue Reading..

Sin Poem
To have a heart of gold
Only means that everybody wants a piece
Only lust
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Little they care for orphans
Their lust violently bl
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Lust Poem
Lust fills ur eyes everytime i look in ur direction....
For some reason u cl
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with me Poem
fade wuth me
let us hide away
hidden in this lust
under our loves cas
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