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Haiku is an epigrammatic Japanese verse form of three short lines.

Haiku poems, rhymes, verse, poetry and short stories

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St. Patrick Poem
Patrick of England
Preserving Erin's blood line
Drove out the serpentsContinue Reading..

Concept of America Poem

People united
To secure their liberty
Out of many, one
Continue Reading..

Erin Go Bragh Poem
Ire's crest: David's Harp
Spring words 'Aaron Forever'
Covenants of GodContinue Reading..

Football Poem

Like medieval knights
Armor clad, in fields battle
To reap
Continue Reading..

{haiku}in a humbug way Poem
its raining haiku
haiku, its raining haiku
haiku, raining down
Continue Reading..

Taberu Poem


hino Continue Reading..

The Soldier Poem
Fighting for freedom,
Fall of a valiant soldier
Resting in the Lord
Continue Reading..

...S/.HAIKU...NO FAKE WHO 2 Poem
Haiku no fake who

Go to mountain shout Haiku

Echo back, more Haik
Continue Reading..

haiku be happenin Poem
a haiku said once,
where do you get your haiku?
from a haiku tree
Continue Reading..

09 Haiku - Criss crossing shadows Poem
haiku one:

in criss-crossing shadows
of the mountains, we admire
Continue Reading..

'Bless you' Poem
'Bless you'

Bless you!

Continue Reading..

blue in the face haiku Poem
myself and haiku
went downtown shoppin for rhymes
haiku said no way
Continue Reading..

haiku kiddin around Poem
i write to haiku
although haiku is lil weird
and they can hear us
Continue Reading..

haiku just spoke Poem
a haiku outside
he comes to my window, says
haiku's are happ'nin
Continue Reading..

Whooooo, dropped a box

Of haiku?s on my foot, whoooooo

Those pain
Continue Reading..

Poet Haiku Poem
dear Poet Haiku
if me see another copycat haiku
me surely go cuckoo
Continue Reading..

{haiku}its such information Poem
when haiku come down
we mess around town, feelin
then, damn, haiku walks
Continue Reading..

haiku has demands Poem
haiku and blues clues
haiku loves blue and steven
'write me in, 'he says
Continue Reading..

haiku and the hijack Poem
humbly haiku
i beg you to give me poems
haiku said, no way
Continue Reading..

4 seasonal haiku Poem

Snows only purpose?
To make my garden look good
Four mont
Continue Reading..

4 Haiku Poem
This Haiku I write
Is not about our nature
Or about seasons

The Ha
Continue Reading..

World Famous Painting Haiku - Van Gogh's Sunflowers Poem
eleven siblings
of different shine

haiku two:

Continue Reading..

Six Haiku Poem
Haiku poetry
Such a paucity of words
Five, seven, and five.

Continue Reading..

Prize Winning Haiku - Award Winning Son (Bulgaria) Poem
award winning son
friend asks he was the one
with the violin years agoContinue Reading..

(09) Happy Valentines Day Haiku Poem
Happy Valentines Day Haiku

A Haiku for you

Your friendship
Continue Reading..

early spring (haiku) Poem
early spring
the same crocus
under the maple tree

published by Sh
Continue Reading..

{haiku}a sublime tune Poem
haiku, sublime, me
what do we have in common?
we like my haiku
Continue Reading..

Haiku...Thanku Makeyu?s Nice Poem
Thanku for your

Haiku Blessings on my new

Haiku?s, makey
Continue Reading..

{haiku} Poem
i was in a rut
said, haiku, what do i do?
you just, haiku it
Continue Reading..

haiku too Poem

Icy is the fjord
The fluidity of blue crystals
Echo of ch
Continue Reading..

Telugu Haiku Poem
(I intend to introduce Telugu Haiku to members of PH. In Telugu, Hiaku denotContinue Reading..

1. After Basho's famous frog haiku Poem
after basho's frog haiku
the garden pond
speaks more volume

Continue Reading..

Haiku Poem
This Haiku
Is for You,

Hope it works,
This time.<
Continue Reading..

haiku in colours Poem
van gogh
in the field
etching haiku
onto canvas
each stroke
a co
Continue Reading..

Haiku Collection Poem
Young Again (Haiku)

The old black lady
Sang the days of old blues so
Continue Reading..

...S/Haiku..Commonwealth 3.Gold Poem
Haiku Gold for

You, buy Toyota motor

Make you jump sky high Continue Reading..

non-haiku Poem
it was you who one day wrote a haiku
and she counted
on the strictest 5/7
Continue Reading..

{haiku}my ghostly haiku book Poem
my haiku book 'ghostly haiku'are tales whittle down into haiku told to me by reContinue Reading..


Eyes on my wife

He confessed:
?God is gr
Continue Reading..

Senryu: Comic Poem
Senryū (literally 'river willow') is a Japanese form of short poetry simiContinue Reading..

Six More Haiku Poem
This is a Haiku
A poetry form best left
In the cranium.

A good Hai
Continue Reading..

I Shall Paint This Sky... Poem
I shall paint this sky
Purple horizon twilight
Golden waters and you
Continue Reading..

haiku on a busy day Poem
haiku walks downtown
down the sidewalk of main street
he stops, turns aro
Continue Reading..

haiku Your Warmth Poem
Your warmth eases cold
Like a setting sun?s radiance
A peace
Continue Reading..

a haiku poem of embracing walmart Poem
haiku poems like toys
line the shelves at walmart stores
they dance, afte
Continue Reading..

haiku till dawn Poem
haiku, late at night
hides near my bedroom window
he's scared of the dark
Continue Reading..

haiku about Japan Poem
there?s all that about Japan
and all I learned
was sushi and haiku
Continue Reading..

lavender - haiku Poem
lavender - haiku

cheerful mountain sun
the lavender you enthralledContinue Reading..

haiku then a pasue Poem
a haiku walks by
on a sidewalk right down town
no one notices
Continue Reading..

{haiku}a lil haiku secret Poem
i hvae made love with
many spoon fed haiku poems
love them on the lawn
Continue Reading..

{haiku}and the jew in me Poem
i write some haiku
and i hope that people read them
so i make money
Continue Reading..

S/Haiku.... Japanese Haiku Easy Poem
Japanese haiku

Easy, not like Rubik cube

Use words not fingers
Continue Reading..

a haiku secret of love Poem
ive seen a haiku
who i love and can not solve
its ashley tisdale
Continue Reading..

haiku's no fan of tebow's Poem
this is no suprise
haiku's a georgia bulldog
he hates the gators
Continue Reading..

God Kicks Bob In His Achilles' Wiener Poem
A Haiku

That's how I pictured myself
So God proved
Continue Reading..

pumpkin Poem
beauty with a poem
she's anna kournikova
and the poem's haiku
Continue Reading..

Tiny Poem
This is
Not a true
Continue Reading..

God Kicks Bob In His Achilles' Wiener Poem
A Haiku

That's how I pictured myself
So God proved
Continue Reading..

{haiku}waste of me Poem
submit a new poem
haiku begs me ev'ry night
then i bite and write
Continue Reading..

Sweetest Haiku Poem
Mix seventeen good

Syllables, honey and love,

For Sweetest Haiku
Continue Reading..

Thought - Fear Poem
A blind-full darkness
Can't fade the golden path from
The endless heavens
Continue Reading..

A Haiku / Bout Nothing Poem
this is a haiku

it's about nothing at all
well, except nothing
Continue Reading..

lifeless haikus Poem
Honorable Poet Haiku:
your haikus are so sad and lifeless
we suggest you
Continue Reading..

haiku Poem
Haiku this will be
By the time I?m done with this
You will be amazed
Continue Reading..

HAIKU #88 (in the moment) Poem
She writes her poems
in Haiku form so she can
be in the moment
Continue Reading..

{haiku}left right left Poem
military time
haiku the heck out of them
the enemy swig
Continue Reading..

Magpies Poem
(A haiku)

The door is open
and the magpies are singing
in the mor
Continue Reading..

Let me finish my snack Poem
Let me finish my snack
my scarlet plumage is all I own
and you
Continue Reading..

Quixotic haiku Poem
Quixotic haiku
shattered lances littering
wind mills of the mind
Continue Reading..

Haiku: A fight Poem
One whole April night
My starvation wrote haiku
While they were eating
Continue Reading..

haiku and green grass and wind coming Poem
haiku has big dreams
to meet god and children too
but mostly to think
Continue Reading..

haiku is my friend Poem
when haiku wants food
we mostly order pizza
thin for him, mines thick
Continue Reading..

Haiku-Distillation Poem
haiku should instill
seasonable sense until
the seventeenth syll

Continue Reading..

haiku and a hut Poem
haiku are nice, cute
till you try to get one wrote
then they get pushy
Continue Reading..

{haiku}just a little silly Poem
submarine haiku
the military attack poem
looking for a rhyme
Continue Reading..

{haiku}the vent Poem
haiku blasted tunes
some rock and some hillbilly
i asked which, he laughe
Continue Reading..

! ! A shared secret Poem
My smiling mind winks
at my heart,
reading the first line of your haiku
Continue Reading..

Haiku Haiku Poem
A teardropp shatters
Prisms caught in an instant
Transcending haiku
Continue Reading..

Poetry (cinquain poem) Poem
Cinquain, haiku
Loving, colouring, healing
Another type or art<
Continue Reading..

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