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Powerful is having great power or force or potency or effect. We have famous poetry and verse for herculean, hefty, knock-down(a), potent, muscular, brawny, sinewy.

Powerful poems, rhymes, verse, poetry and short stories

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Power Poem
To some power is guns
To some power is knifes
To some power is the abil
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Mighty Horny Power Rangers Poem
They've got a libdo and a desire
That can't be controled

They've got
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Power Rangers Lust Galaxy Poem
Far far away
Deep in space
To a sexy galaxy you will go
Power Rangers
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What Power Mine Will Enfold You? Poem
I incorporate choices
I incorporate changes
I incorporate divisions
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I am the power
Below my bower
Are decided
The bullet?s shower
I am
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Power Rangers Wax Music Poem
4 wax figures
Brought to life
To protect the earth from evil forces
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There Is Nothing Wrong With Power Poem
'Tis sad to think that many with power abuse it those with power who abuse it wContinue Reading..

Power Rangers Ninja Virgin Poem
Oh Power Rangers
Oh Ninja Virgin
Let's go!

Sin in the wind
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Poweres that hold forever Poem
You had a power over me.
On that day that you hurt me.
You had the power
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The Power of the Human Heart Poem
The power of the human heart
Is not measured on a meter
But by the pass
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The Power Of Smile Poem
The power of a gun can kill
and the power of Fire can Burn
The power of w
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The Power of Ideas Poem
The power of ideas are immeasurable
They are the hidden treasures which lie
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Either way one is restless Poem
Power of hunger in some is so deep
that it is insatiate with rich food.
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Paradoxical Poem
there is will and there is power
and the power of will
is a will to pow
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Pointless To Make Attempts WITH Common Sense Poem
Is a power taken,
The same as a power given?
And how much power,
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2 Centimeters of Brain Poem
As much as it could stupendously perceive; it had the
power to brutally deva
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I believe in the power of love
Because it is most precious gift given to us
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Power and strength Poem
We all have a unique power and strength
Though many strive blindly to get it
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Control Over Power Poem
Control over power is good, because everyone needs control over the burden of pContinue Reading..

Power Rangers Zero Poem
Dumber then before
Dumbed down for more
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Power Rangers Paranormal Force Poem
Not normal
More to these warriors
Then meets the eye
A whole new team<
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Power Rangers S.T.D. Poem
Power Rangers S.T.D.
Power Rangers to the rescue!
Go! Go! Go!
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King Without A Crown Poem
He Had all the power,
and he chose to kill.
He Had all the power,
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' Don't Underestimate The Power Of... ' Poem
Don?t Underestimate The Power
Of Your Embrace
The Power You Hold
In Th
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Power Rangers Porno Thunder Poem
There's a red light in the distance
See them cumming closer
All legal age
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Power of love Poem
I must love her more than she does,
The husband wants.
I must love him m
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The Eternal Twins: Love And Hate Poem
It consumes without regard
It shape without regard
It bends you to its wi
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Reveal the higher power, Poem
Reveal the higher power,
Reveal the higher power,
Before I die,
I t
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Power of love Poem
The power of love can dry your tears
The power of love can stop your fearsContinue Reading..

Epilogue of Power Poem
The more he gained
The more he lost

He who sought the greatest power<
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Ode To The Fanny Queens Poem
It takes a super butt;
To prove the strength,
Of a frail seat of power
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Do I know the power of faith?
I am afraid that I don't know that very well<
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Concept Poem
Do I need power
In spreading my ideas
And what is the definition of power
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RUSSIA! ! ! ! Poem
Russia has power
The power to build a tower
They will never cower
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Power, anyone? Poem
The only fun of having power
Is the thought that we (at least)
Have a po
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God Has The Power Poem
God does not have power of our will
unless we let him,
But, he does how
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Sonnet: Misuse of Power Poem
Oh, how power is misused in this world!
To subjugate the weaker-willed of m
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A Higher Power Watches Poem
A Higher Power Watches
Who deliberately causes
The innocent to flout
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Gravity vs Money Poem
Power of gravity is physical
Power of money is mental
Let?s find out fo
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...You deverse all the best Poem
This life is yours
take the time and the power
to choose what you want
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