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Welcome to Hunger poems and verse section. Our aim is to provide quality poems, rhymes, verse, short stories and poetry work of qualiy authors across the world on the topic Hunger.

Hunger is a physiological need for food; the consequence of food deprivation. This section has poetry and verse for yearning, hungriness, hunger, longing, thirst, thirstiness.

Hunger poems, rhymes, verse, poetry and short stories

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Poverty Poem
by: Jake Erkens

Poverty is without a dime
It?s robbery wit
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Cause and effect Poem
Some are not really causes
But just symptoms
And we misdiagnose
A s
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35 Poem
Some are not really causes
But just symptoms
And we misdiagnose
A sick
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about the cause and the effect Poem
Some are not really causes
But just symptoms
And we misdiagnose
A sick
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Poverty Poem
It?s the 21st century,
World has advanced in many ways, yet poverty still c
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Poverty Poem
When we talk each other
As a subject and object
Not as a brother and sist
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Seated in the confinds of poverty, dressed in overall butten up t
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Blaqpearl Poem
Feeding off dump sites
Government preaching about human rights
The minds
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Poverty Doesn?t Laugh Poem
Fill the rivers,
With poverty?s tears,
Only then will they be filled wi
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On Overhearing Two Arguing About Poverty Poem
I over heard two fellows arguing about poverty
Whilst I sat in the cafe drin
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Spectators Of Poverty Poem
Life spectators
from high living status
with their Owl binocular's eyesContinue Reading..

Help For The Poor Poem
Forty Word Poem:

Poverty-trapped and poverty-stricken
To consider ch
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The Downfall Of Human Kind Poem
The downfall of human kind it would seem to me
Are greed and corruption, hom
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On Reading Of The World's 100 Wealthiest People Poem
The World's many billion people controlled by the greedy few
But to every bi
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Poem Of Poverty Poem
Poverty, brothers, is a mouthful that's hard to swallow,
A bite that sticks
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No Choice Poem
The poor have no choice
Poverty denies them the right to choose
It makes
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Life Through My Eyes Poem
Life through my bloodshot eyes
would scare a square to death
poverty, mur
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On the Uses of Adversity Poem
"Nam nihil est, quod non mortalibus afferat usum."


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Fragments - Lines 0173 - 0178 Poem
Of all things it is poverty that most subdues a noble man,
More even than
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Paradox Poem
We all want
What we think
Peace in war
War in peace
Piece in wh
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Society Poem
Like Society No Me No Like Society
Society Deal With Partiality
Society N
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Destiny Poem
On a day
of wedding regale
in our granddad's
A scene ghas
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Dying fires glowed
Grass grew
Besides the broad highway
Blood filled s
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See Him Approach Poem
See him approach
In his cragly wag
His silent trumpeting
Of poverty.Continue Reading..

The Holy Gathering Poem
hear ye
hear ye
gather one, and all
come to this royal ball
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Government Credibility Poem
ostentatious displays
of peacock privilege wealth

strains core
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I have no underwear
I have no pants
I have no shirty
but I am not in p
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sorrow ***** BETRAYAL Poem
high expectations
bring me down
into bottom line poverty

with swe
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(176) Greatest sin Poem
Poverty is not a sin,
Dostoevsky had written.
But, if you turn your face
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When I shiver with cold..... Poem
When I shiver with cold
a blanket Shiva does hold
in poverty he showers g
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Dawn Haiku Poem
Small moths shake the air.
The night hides my poverty -
rain in a teapot.
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Mai, the mountain of gold
and look at that monkey,
merely sitting on it<
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We Need More Love And Understanding Of Others Poem
We need more love and understanding of others in the World we live in today
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Poverty Poem
Poverty has robbed me of my history
As it tries to assault me
Forever lo
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What is Poverty? Poem
What does poverty really entail?
How bad does it have to get?
For some
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A Lovely Old Lady Poem
Her smile it betrays her for her rotting teeth
That lovely old lady that I o
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The Poor Bloke's Prayer Poem
My electricity bill I just cannot pay
Dear God when I need you where are you
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So Many Poor Souls And Not Many Who Care Poem
So many poor souls and not many who care
Are doing it quite tough in the big
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The Human Will Never Ceases To Surprise Poem
'Tis hard to keep a good woman or man down
Even the one born on the poorest
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The Epithets of Poverty VI Poem
I can see poverty...
In the eyes of the crying children,
In the the poor
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