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High school is a public secondary school usually including grades 9 through 12. This section has verse and poems for senior high school, highschool, high gear, senior high, heights, high, high school.

High School poems, rhymes, verse, poetry and short stories

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Haiku Bush Fate Poem
White house mouse leaves Bush
To hole in house with holey
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Couldn've Done It Without Me Poem
I made it
The light is coming out and storm clouds have gone
These 4 year
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who will? Poem
Picking up the pieces
That I have left behind
Wanting to be whole
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Great golden chikalas graduation Poem

Grandfather?s clock has changed
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graduation/midnight passes (2 haiku) Poem
at the graduation
all the flowers
in bloom (10th place in June 2009
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A Graduation Day Message Poem
May Graduation Day fill your heart
With feelings of accomplishments this day
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graduation (growing up) Poem
Graduation is a huge step
Not only for you
Your friends and your family<
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Away From School Poem
Couple days left til I graduate
I have a lot to do I cannot procrastinateContinue Reading..

Miss Aywa.....the history begins when you graduate from my history department.... Poem
other wise

you....need .....
a H1V1Atef...vaccine...tested on your
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Sara Poem
A senior in high school
Ready for graduation
A good student
A wonderfu
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graduation Poem
Is it a a happy event
Or a sad one
Coz after what I've e
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Graduation Day Poem
As you drive away
I wave goodbye,
And remember the times
We laughed a
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Graduation Poem
The day has finally arrived,
It's our graduation time,
From now till th
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Bestfriends Until The End Poem
Pigtails, Boycooties, Recess, Barbies
These are some of what led us to be be
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Malory Happy 17th Birthday Poem
Well your 17 now
and it will be your senior year
How time has flown byContinue Reading..


The mist hung slight
Above the ground.
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Wellness of Future Poem
Midst of sunrise i see shaded
The shadow of a man i thought
I previewed a
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I believe Poem
1I believe in god
2I believe that there is a fish called cod
3I believe i
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Stars in My Future Poem
Lit candles glowing in night skies
Are stars
Announcing heavenly banquets
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alice the artist ('this is art') Poem
She paints first the floor
Then the wall behind her
The adjacent wall
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Heaven Poem
window transparent souls stare with a gaze
thoughts distracted a windowless
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upon her graduation... Poem
Upon her graduation from law school
i see that picture
her husband besid
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Graduation Poem
The huge corsage of mums
Was a cruel joke
The senior boys pinned on
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Tanka: 2006 Poem
His graduation
Amid Blue Ridge Mountains with
Family, friends, and
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Balloons in the Blue Poem
Seemingly insignificant
Amidst the bounteous blue
Yet each carries the ho
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Focus Poem
Efforts I exert now
definitely will bear
with something great
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Maria... Maria! ! ! Poem
She was the prettiest girl in school
A preacher?s daughter and thirteen
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Love is hard Poem
What happens when you have to say goodbye
do everything just go back to norm
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The scare crow Poem
was always scaring me
near the big
tamarind tree
never thought I wou
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A Many Splintered Thing Poem
LOVE is:
???a dopamine trip
??????Paris in the spring
?????????a real
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a little bit flattered
by your comment i
went to your room
and i was
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Moms? Poem
Moms are very special,
They are there to tell you to do your homework.
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Untitled Poem
Losing you was Hard enough
It was so unexpected
One day every things goin
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The Test Of Loyalty Poem
He stood, oak walking stick
and trusted Shepherd by his side.
It was a vi
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The Farewell Sestina Poem
It was Walter Cronkite, wasn't it, who said,
'And that's the way it is, ' a
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An Instructor's Dream Poem
Many decades after graduation
the students sneak back onto
the school-gro
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Graduation Poem
It seems so long ago
That we were in kindergarten
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Song Poem
At her Junior High School graduation,
she sings alone
in front of the lot
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Life Is Sweet Poem
It?s graduation night
and something doesn?t feel right
My friends and I
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Dying young. Poem
Oh God, their young faces
Glowing with an unknown anticipation
On this da
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