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Guru is like a teacher which show path to success.

Guru poems, rhymes, verse, poetry and short stories

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Teacher Says, Teacher Goes Poem
Teacher says,
teacher goes,
teacher smiles,
teacher knows,

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A bad or a good teacher Poem
A bad teacher is negatively pessimistic
A good teacher is positively optimis
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o teacher Poem
be my guide

be my side

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Oh Teacher Oh Teacher Poem
Oh teacher, Oh teacher!
My test isn't signed
Because somehow
My pare
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Deathly Talking Poem
As the teacher is ready
To come into class and teach
The students are in
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Teacher Poem
Teacher, teacher you taught me so much
Meeting you was fate
To show me th
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3 Poem
When you read this,
Thank and English teacher.
And when I allude to Marx
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dedicated to all teachers by profession

as Mentor
let the mentor gi
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my teacher Poem
I hate my teacher
They give to much
They talk to much
When I
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dedicated to all teachers by profession

as Mentor
let the mentor gi
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Teacher Love Poem
My mother is




Teacher is
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He was the teacher,
But he lied,
But he knew,
So, why lie?
To t
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Elsa Poem
Elsa my friend,
You will keep on growing on this muse of love;
And your
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! ! Two birds on the same tree Poem
Two birds rest on the same tree;
their eyes are bright;

they look a
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My History Teacher Poem
My ice cold blood
[you're not a warm-blooded creature]
Your ice cold star
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O Dear Teacher! Poem
O Dear Teacher you teach
The world the lesson of life,
Principle of lead
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weirdest teacher(NaomiLlante) Poem
10/19/98 rum?

You?re the weirdest teacher
I?ve ever have of all teach
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The humility in action Poem
A great man met his childhood teacher,
Who himself is a renowned teacher.Continue Reading..

Very Bad Poem
At class
Female teacher
Teaching maths
Some students areContinue Reading..

Chating Poem

At class room

Take sleep

Students play

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Teacher! Teacher! please teach me!
Teacher, Teacher, please help me!
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My Teacher Poem
My Teacher, My Preacher, My Reacher
My Study, My Buddy, My Knowledge, My Hig
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Here we sit
Hearing you
Explaining the lessons
With love and with drea
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To My Teacher Poem
You are there when we need you

You are there when we are sad

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The lesson of life Poem
I got a teacher
A wicked one
He barely had any feelings
Even ice would
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Enjoy Poem
Our English teacher tells in the class;
'Enjoy your vacation and bring me a
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She was a daughter of a teacher, turned cheater;
And better half of a legal
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school Poem
school is the best
my english teacher rocks
history is fun
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Has turned out to be
The greatest teacher
I have ever known
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# nurture - 3 liner Poem
teacher and the taught
are well within your own selves
nurture your own s
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They all say that life has many lessons
But did you know, love is one of the
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An angel was passing through the Sky Poem
Hey! Anyone can answer me what's life.
All the hands in the class raised.Continue Reading..

Red Pencil Poem
Red Pencil
R ed pencil with magic flair
E nrichment while in school
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Knock It Up a Notch Poem
Teach me...
How to knock it up a notch.
Teach me...
What it is that yo
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a mouse teaches Diogenes Poem
You see Diogenes living in the slums. He lives in a barrel. This is the man eveContinue Reading..

hi i'm a girl Poem
Hi i'm a girl who wants to be presedent then i'll make people paint there facesContinue Reading..

I Feel Poem
(Dedicated to the youth)

When I was young,
My teacher once asked me
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Teacher Poem
the teacher smiles and greets her students
they look eager and willing to le
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Surprise in Japan - Our teachers wash our toilets Poem
after the lessons
our japanese teacher washes
the toilets we use

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A Piece of Chalk (Children's Poem) Poem
Chalk is happiest when the teachers come to him
Because he can chat about al
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