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Welcome to Fight poems and verse section. Our aim is to provide quality poems, rhymes, verse, short stories and poetry work of qualiy authors across the world on the topic Fight.

Fight is the act of fighting; any contest or struggle. This section has poems and verse for bit, flake, battle, fleck, fighting, conflict, rubbish, trash, fight, scrap, competitiveness, armed combat, combat, engagement, chip.

Fight poems, rhymes, verse, poetry and short stories

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God Bless US Poem

O Lord, our refuge and strength
When it's 'in God we trust'Continue Reading..

What war is all about. Poem
War is evil
War is the devil
War is between politicians
War is about r
Continue Reading..

War Means death
War Means destruction
War Means fire
War Means bomb
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War Is... Poem
War is triumph,
War is gain,
War is heartache,
War is pain.

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war Poem
War is a baddle
War showes someones strength
War is a time of sadness Continue Reading..


Continue Reading..

Ten Minutes Poem
It was ten minutes before the war
The quietest thing you ever saw
Ten min
Continue Reading..

We are at war Poem
We are at war
With poverty and squalor

We are at war
With penury
Continue Reading..

This War?s for you.. Poem
Microwave with packaging too

This War?s for you

No Secondhand ? e
Continue Reading..

War Poem
War is Prediction of Human race Destruction
War causes Erosion of Gods Creat
Continue Reading..

At a War of Love Poem
I'm at a war
A war of love
Right now I am quite confused
I don't know
Continue Reading..

My war Poem
My war has no guns,
My war has no end,
My war has no good or evil,
Continue Reading..

War is not good, absolutely nothing! Poem
war! war!

Why do we have to fight?
People are dieing because of the
Continue Reading..

The war Poem
I will announce the war
A fierce war, merciless
War in which everything i
Continue Reading..

Without Death, Bloodshed and Suffering Poem
Without death, bloodshed and suffering wars are never won
And only hatred an
Continue Reading..

When the Kings Went to War Poem
When the kings went to war
Went to war
Went to war
When the kings went
Continue Reading..

the war inside Poem
this war,

brings nothing but eternal hate,

and a pain that neve
Continue Reading..

War Poem
War is hurt
War is pain
War is something that is always invain
Continue Reading..

The Beauty of War Poem
You are a beauty
For roundtable evaders
Always the sole option
Continue Reading..

Win the world by love, not by war,
For, no wars are ever Won;
Win the w
Continue Reading..

I Do Not Wish To Hear Your War Stories Poem
Do not wish to hear your war stories of battles fought and won
Since I saw o
Continue Reading..

Photos of War Poem
Photo of War - 1

no milk for her
child the nipple
droops a sad
Continue Reading..

. Until That Day Poem
War visits
too many places
traces blood markings
upon too many genera
Continue Reading..

War Of The Mind Poem
Some wars are fought with guns,
Some wars are fought with tanks,
But th
Continue Reading..

Vietnam Poem
The young man's youth
fought the war for you
The soldier's young dreams
Continue Reading..

The Mark Of Cain Poem
The war ships are on the seas and,
The tankers are on the lands!
But wh
Continue Reading..

What the World Needs Now Poem
A cure for war
This incurable birth defect
Infectious disease making hous
Continue Reading..

Lovers in dangerous time
Because they are seem all the bad things that are g
Continue Reading..

War Never Solves Anything Poem
Of battles won and noble soldiers you hear the old balladeer sing
But war on
Continue Reading..

War n Fighting Poem
War means fighting
War means death
War means sadness
War means bloodContinue Reading..

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